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Advantages of Ultrasonic Sweep Screening  

  • Large Increase of Seiving performance as compared to Old machine ( 2 - 5 times).      

  • Screen Blinding/Chocking is much Lesser due to Ultrasonic effect, therefore there is consistent performanceover long periods of time. This also eliminated the need to for screen cleaning, reducing it from 1-2 times a day to once a week.

  • The cleaning effect maintains screen quality, screen life is more and screen replacement is less.

  • Maintenance cost on Screen can be saved.

  • Output of 1 Sieving machine = Output of 2 Sieving Machines, therefore you can run one machine and save power for two.

  • Smaller mesh sizes can be introduced, sieving gets better with smaller Mesh sizes.

  • Decomposition and breakdown of Agglomerates, this increses throughput and reduces oversized particles.

  • Can be retrofitted into all kinds of vibratory, Rotex, Cylindrical screening machine.

  • No or Very Low Maintenance.

  • Highly competitive prices with recognized Quality.


Advantages of Ultrasonic Sweep Screening over Conventional Ultrasonics


  • No phase angle tuning but forced oscillation therefore very robust excitation which does not get into overload condition

  • No sharp resonance needed therefore much more robust against damping effects (not sensitive to gluing layer thickness)

  • It works even without any resonances (low amplitude)

  • No tuning needed because of frequency variation between 33 and 37 KHz therefore:

    • less cost involved in production of ultrasonic frames

    • ultrasonic frames can be manufactured after drawings

  • Less stress taking place around nodal points because of changing positions therefore longer lifetime of the Sieve.

  • The converter is located outside the sieving machine, This makes troubleshooting and servicing much easier. 

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